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Chemical Process equipments in Graphite construction find extensive use in application handling highly corrosive media.

Impervious Graphite is used as construction materials in Process equipments used for Heating, Cooling, Condensing, Evaporating and Distillation, Absorption, mixing reaction and other processes involving highly corrosive media.

Graphite has high thermal conductivity excellent resistance to corrosion and thermal shock. This makes graphite the most suitable material for Heat Trans for equipments handling corrosive media. We serve our services in India, Mumbai, Saudi Arbia, UAE & Brazil

Omega Engineering Corporation is involved in the manufacture of a wide range of Graphite Equipments.

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Omega Engineering Corporation
For wide range of Graphite Equipments.


Cubic Block Type Graphite Heat Exchangers

Cubic block type Graphite Heat Exchangers have number of cube shaped Graphite Blocks Assembled and bolted together...

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Cylindrical Block type Graphite Heat Exchangers

Cylindrical Block type Graphite Heat Exchangers have a number of Cylindrical blocks stacked together in vertical ...

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Falling Film Type HCL

Falling film HCL absorbers is similar in constructional design to Cubic Block Graphite Heat Exchangers in vertical ...

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Sulphuric Acid Dilutors

Sulfuric Acid dilutor is used for continuous production of desired dilute sulfuric Acid of desired concentration and ...

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Vacuum Ejector Systems

Vacuum Ejector Systems in Graphite construction find extensive us in chemical plants handling corrosive media under ...

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Graphite Components Shapes

Various Components, Spares and Shapes are available in various Grades of Graphite - virgin Graphite for high temperature ...

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Graphite Cement

Graphite cement in two component system with modified furan resin binder and Graphite filler is available for joining Graphite ...

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Graphite Powder

Graphite powder of various mesh sizes and high purity are avail for use in foundry, Lubricants and others...

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