Graphite Powder

Graphite powder of various mesh sizes and high purity are avail for use in foundry, Lubricants and others. Omega Graphite is one of the leading manufacturer and exporter of Graphite Powder. The graphite powder provides chemical stability, high cycle life counts, increased capacity and improved adhesion in most batteries. The Graphite Powder is basically used for casting and polishing purposes, molding & Carbon addition in steel industries.

The Graphite Powder is well-treated and offers high conductivity. Our range is extensively demanded by clients owing to their quality attributes such as resistance, high compressive strength, sturdiness, fine finishing, dimensional accuracy and durability. Our Graphite Powder is easily available at industry leading prices. We have been exporting our products to different countries like India, USA, Canada, UAE, Saudi Arabia etc.

Omega Graphite proudly presents its high-quality Graphite Powder, a versatile and finely engineered solution designed to enhance performance across a wide range of industries. Renowned for its purity, consistency, and superior properties, Omega Graphite's Graphite Powder is a cornerstone in applications demanding precision, lubrication, and thermal conductivity.

Key Features:
  • 1. Exceptional Purity and Consistency: Omega Graphite's Graphite Powder is manufactured with a focus on achieving exceptional purity and consistency. This ensures that our customers receive a product that meets the highest standards, whether used in lubrication, metallurgy, or electronic applications.

  • 2. High Thermal Conductivity: With superior thermal conductivity, our Graphite Powder is an ideal choice for applications requiring efficient heat transfer. This property makes it invaluable in various thermal management processes across industries such as electronics and metallurgy.

  • 3. Low Friction Properties: The finely crafted Graphite Powder by Omega Graphite exhibits low friction characteristics, making it an excellent lubricating agent. This feature is particularly beneficial in manufacturing, automotive, and aerospace applications where reducing friction is essential for optimal performance.

  • 4. Versatility in Applications: Omega Graphite's Graphite Powder finds diverse applications, from serving as a lubricant in machinery to being an essential component in metallurgical processes. Its versatility makes it a valuable resource for industries seeking reliable and high-performance materials.

  • 5. Customizable Particle Sizes: Recognizing the varied requirements of different applications, Omega Graphite offers customizable particle sizes in our Graphite Powder. This flexibility allows for tailored solutions, ensuring optimal performance in specific processes and industries.

  • 1. Lubrication in Manufacturing: Graphite Powder acts as a superior dry lubricant in manufacturing processes, reducing friction and wear in machinery, gears, and sliding components.

  • 2. Metallurgical Processes: In metallurgy, our Graphite Powder is utilized as a crucial component in the production of refractories, helping enhance the structural integrity and performance of crucibles, molds, and other critical components.

  • 3. Thermal Management in Electronics: The high thermal conductivity of our Graphite Powder makes it an excellent choice for thermal management solutions in electronics, contributing to the efficient dissipation of heat in electronic components.

  • 4. Additive in Polymers and Coatings: Graphite Powder serves as an additive in polymer formulations and coatings, imparting unique properties such as electrical conductivity, thermal resistance, and reduced friction.

  • 5. Powder Metallurgy: Omega Graphite's high-quality powder is used in powder metallurgy processes, contributing to the production of high-performance metal matrix composites with enhanced mechanical and thermal properties.